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The Comet Puck (Single) The Comet Puck (Single) The Comet Puck (Single)

The Comet Puck (Single)

The Comet Puck (Single)




The Comet Puck is a regulation super bright LED illuminated hockey puck that is built to last. Great for backyard rinks and ponds. Slap-shot resistant. Never lose a puck again!  

  • 3 Colors available (Red, Blue, Green)
  • Regulation Size 3” and Weight 6oz.
  • Slap-Shot Resistant. The Comet Puck will hold up.
  • Uses 1 replaceable coin battery that provides at least 12 hours of play. 5 batteries included with each puck.
  • Unaffected by weather and cold.
  • Never lose your puck in a snow bank. Lights up the snow like a lantern. 
  • Great for competition, training and just pucking around. Excellent for working on your peripheral vision during practice.