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Snipers Edge Synthetic Ice Snipers Edge Synthetic Ice Snipers Edge Synthetic Ice Snipers Edge Synthetic Ice

Snipers Edge Synthetic Ice

Snipers Edge Synthetic Ice





From Snipers Edge:

"The same high-end technology that we engineer into our existing line of training products has been applied to this durable synthetic ice product with superior glide that provides an incredibly realistic ice experience.  Our synthetic ice has been professionally tested and although not yet on the market, we are releasing a limited number of units for exclusive purchase by this community!   

The synthetic ice panels are 2’x4’ and come in 4-packs. One 4-pack is perfect for players who prefer to shoot pucks off of their skates rather than tennis shoes. Multiple packs allow players plenty of ‘ice’ to practice stickhandling, stride, cross overs, c-cuts for backwards skating, passing, shooting, stopping and more! 

The synthetic ice will ship in early to mid-December in conjunction with the official global product launch!"

Free shipping with the exclusion of Alaska, Hawaii or vast areas in Canada (Newfoundland/Youkon Territories/PEI)

Product will ship the week of 12/10 in the United States, before Christmas. Every effort will be made to deliver in Canada before Christmas, but there is no guarantee due to travel and boarder issues. No messy sprays or additives needed on this product.  Just take it out of the box and go!


Each Panel = 2 ft X 4 ft  :  4 Panels/Pack  :  32 square feet per box

  • 1 Pack = 32 sq ft (covers 4' x 8’ area)
  • 2 Packs = 64 sq ft (covers 8' x 8’ area)
  • 3 Packs = 96 sq ft (covers 8' x 12’ area)
  • 4 Packs = 128 sq ft (covers 8’ x 16’ area)