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PenaltyBox VIP Program September

PenaltyBox VIP Program September

PenaltyBox VIP Program September



We are opening up a VIP Program for our top customers. This program has been designed to maximize the savings you receive by shopping through the PenaltyBox as well as offer extra perks. 

This is an annual membership. 

  • Access to a VIP Facebook Group 
  • $29.99 PenaltyBox Subscription 
  • $17.99 Grab Bags (one per month)
  • Free Quarterly VIP Apparel (t-shirt, hat, beanie, etc)
  • Free Shipping On Orders Over $50.00
  • Early Access to Deals


The above perks will be available throughout the annual membership. We will also send you access to a Private Facebook Group where we will be running monthly give-aways, beta product access and concierge buying access. 

All perks and discount codes will be sent via email a week after sign up. If we find that the codes are being used by anyone but the household who purchased the gear, your membership will be revoked.