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PenaltyBox Shot Tracker Radar

PenaltyBox Shot Tracker Radar




The PenaltyBox Shot Tracker Radar is the affordable solution to track your shots in the driveway or on ice. An upgraded model to the competition, it'll be a great time for your player, coach or team. 

● Defection distance: approximately 10m
●  Bright LED display can be easily seen from distance
● Large red 2-1/8" 3-digit LED digital speed display
● Voice notification to announce the reading speed
●  Speed reacall feature  for last 10sets of recorder speeds
●  Move mode speed range: 40 to 199 km/h
●  Still mode speed range: 15 to 199 km/h
●  Adjustable angle to provide highly accurate readings
●  Can be used by a single person
●  Requires 5xAA batteries (not included)


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