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Mr. Assist Passing Trainer

Mr. Assist Passing Trainer

Mr. Assist Passing Trainer



Mr. Assist is a passing trainer used by youth to collegiate programs to work on passing skills off ice. 

From their website:

"This product has been on the market for over twenty years. It was re patented and drastically improved. It was good back in the day, it is now the greatest hockey homework tool on the market.

Every player needs one. Period. Mites to NHL players use Mr. Assist. NHL teams order for every player. Pro Ambitions Hockey, Inc. is the largest youth hockey development in the world and has made it part of their curriculum for years. Recently made it mandatory for every camper. Mr. Assist is for off -ice training only not to be used ON THE ICE. Best used on cement, synthetic ice or your garage, basement or driveway. Mr. Assist is for passing only not to be used for SHOOTING."