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Marsblade FMT ONE (Junior) Marsblade FMT ONE (Junior) Marsblade FMT ONE (Junior) Marsblade FMT ONE (Junior) Marsblade FMT ONE (Junior)

Marsblade FMT ONE (Junior)

Marsblade FMT ONE (Junior)



The Marsblade Roller Frame complete with Verbero LE hockey boot. The Marsblade Roller Frame with Flow Motion Technology is the only product that truly offers an ice-like skate feel without skating on ice.

Improve your on ice performance off the ice. Make yourself a better hockey player. Anywhere, anytime.


The Marsblade Roller Skate - FMT ONE with the patented Flow Motion Technology rocker gives the same feel as ice-skating. The skate also challenges players balance, core and stabilizer muscles in order to improve their ice skating technique and overall on-ice hockey performance.

The ice-like skate feel and benefits such as quicker turns, higher speed and better grip also enhances roller hockey performance. The co-branded FMT ONE and Verbero LE boot is perfect for the intermediate to advanced level hockey player who's looking for a high quality, stiff and supportive boot for effective off-ice training or competitive roller hockey.

Level of Play Guideline: Training and performance

Fit Guidelines: General fit aspects of the Verbero boot are med-high volume, locking heel pocket, medium-wide across top of foot and forefoot and toe box. Traditional stance.

See sizing guidelines in pictures.

Please note that this boot can also be used with ice holders.


Shipping will take up to 14 business days from the time the deal closes in order to ship from Sweden.